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2014 LED big four "turmoil and sentiment" Keywords

Good quality Programmable IC Chips for sales
Good quality Programmable IC Chips for sales
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2014 LED big four "turmoil and sentiment" Keywords

The first half of 2014, LED lighting industry in the "cusp", news every day, using words such as "earthquake", "Typhoon" like the words to describe too much. During this period "turbulence", perhaps we can learn from the lighting of listed companies' 2014 Semi-Annual Report "interpret what ......

The first half of 2014, the business acquisition speed, LED lighting industry structure gradually emerges. With strong financial strength and market ambitions merger integration companies hope to use way to make up for their deficiencies in terms of LED lighting products, brands, technology and other channels, and mergers and acquisitions are just the fastest way to solve these problems.

Following the 2013 acquisition of BDO Runda NVC, three optical acquisition of Taiwan Forepi, Tongfang 700 million yuan Neon Holdings seizing power, rectangular lighting over the acquisition of 60% stake in Hong Mingsheng 500 million yuan, 180 million Hongli Opto-electronic yuan was acquired Ismail, Jia Wei on shares of 122 million yuan acquisition of goods lighting, Lehman photoelectric acquisitions and capital holding Kangshuo exhibition industry mergers and acquisitions frequently staged event, shaking the entire industry, the integration of resources have gradually begun to enter the climax.

Coincidentally, Jiawei lighting in order to quickly enter the market capacity is huge domestic lighting market, and gradually get rid of a single overseas market and enhance its ability to resist risks, and the choice of the product lighting. Jiawei lighting in the "2014 half year report" revealed by way of foreign investment, to 12,250 million acquisition of the domestic well-known company in the field of commercial lighting products lighting. Because Jiawei lighting has a good advantage in terms of research and development, product quality, talent mechanism, on Jiawei lighting and lighting products in the business has a strong synergistic effect. Jiawei lighting, said the future, lighting illumination as Jiawei a wholly owned subsidiary and the main sub-brand, will continue to invest in listed companies to accelerate product development on the advantages of resources committed to the lighting playing on domestic commercial lighting product class brand, enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of LED business areas. In addition, according to a large lighting all media to rough statistics, from June to August this month, Wright Optoelectronics, Mason Technologies, joint construction Optoelectronics, TCL Group, BDO Runda, NVC, Jiawei shares MOSO , the country star power 9 LED related industries listed companies have issued suspension notice, mainly related to planning a major asset reorganization, planning major events, planned non-public offering of stock issues, mergers and acquisitions audit. Industry veteran said, perhaps not unrelated with the merger integration.

Keywords turmoil executives leave

According to media reports, in 2014 the first seven months alone 118 senior executives of listed companies to submit his resignation, in the 118 executives leave the company, there are many circumstances "in charge" to leave, there are many companies appear executives resign in droves phenomenon. This phenomenon has also spread to the lighting industry.

No internal power struggle, there is no sharp fluctuations in earnings, Kingsun an announcement of personnel management for the industry by surprise. Kingsun "on directors, executives resignation announcement" shows, the company chairman Li Xuliang and three other executives resigned June 16. It is worth noting that the ground on the previous week because photoelectric planning matters given by suspensions, industry analysts, due to Li Xuliang, who just received the Commission in May ticket, stay may affect Kingsun "set by" progress.

July, Everlight Personnel Group is a major earthquake, the outgoing general manager Wu Zhe billion light. It is understood that Wu Zhe billion light group cooperation with only one year and four months. In 2013 only spent more than a year, billion light illumination in the country has developed 21 provincial operators, more than 800 agents, more than 3,000 distributors in the industry blew up a "100 million light Storm ", the results make industry colleagues speechless. As a Taiwan-owned listed companies, this time the "sudden break", people wonder whether from Taiwan-funded enterprises in the domestic market, "acclimatized" about, or cross-strait cultural differences, resulting in lack of trust? Recently much attention to the lighting industry professionals the "NVC storm", again caused a sensation in the lighting industry, has also triggered a multi-interpretation. The NVC and BDO Runda two companies from cooperation to "split", Wang Dong-lei and Wu Changjiang tit for tat, people sigh: This in the end is who NVC?

Keywords electricity supplier turmoil impact

E-commerce is booming potential to penetrate into all walks of life, the lighting industry is no exception. Electricity supplier is not just the platform, it is the data, do the electricity supplier is to grab user data. In many industries, the electricity supplier to grab not only the user, it is the future. Lehman photoelectric "2014 Semi-Annual Report", Lehman photoelectric said that in the self-built parallel channels and agents, while in the first half of 2014 launched a sub-brand electricity supplier "LEDMI Remy lighting", through online intermediation and offline complementary, multi-channel marketing.

Shenzhen Optoelectronic Technology Co., Lehman lighting electricity supplier Division Director Huorui Pei told the media that Lehman into electricity supplier for two reasons: First, to avoid conflict situations online and offline, the new brand, product line, customer base; the second is to dispel the inherent brand awareness, begin to create a young and creative lighting brand. Huorui Pei also said that Lehman has been holding an open mind, do not reject any form of cooperation.

In addition, e-commerce company in Foshan Wright Wright Optoelectronics, a subsidiary of the main products or services for e-business, the registered capital of 10 million yuan; sun lighting to be 20 million yuan set up e-commerce channels, developing its own brand; Foshan Lighting several years ago in the days of cats, and other electronic business platform Jingdong frequently appeared, the "Fen" the brand of product sales on the web is very rosy. Outlook Stable Liang, director of marketing director Foshan Lighting domestic told the media that in the past era of traditional light sources, Foshan Lighting more conservative, but in the LED era, Foshan Lighting will be struggling to attack, seize the market cake, especially in the electricity supplier channels.

Recently, market research found that dealers began combing their core strengths in product mix, product distributors to maximize the advantages of obtaining resources, product-sharing operating costs and business risks; brand selection, more rational thinking brand's market value and increased space; in business, "multi-legged walking", engineering, retail, wholesale, electricity providers etc. begin covered. Various changes in the business, and was simply trying to seize the opportunity in LED lighting troubled times, the territory of traditional lighting pattern rewrite dealers era.

Keywords channels fighting turmoil

From the beginning of the end of 2013, China Merchants Assembly LED lighting industry, the new promotion will be overwhelming. To promote the new LED lighting, paving the way for the expansion of the dealer ranks, corporate versatile Qi battle. Listed companies are also not immune lighting, forced into smokeless war. The first half of 2014, the major listed companies have also started "staking", such as country star power, Foshan Lighting, Everlight lighting.

Country star power in its "2014 semi-annual report" that in the first half of this year, the country star power continued to promote the brand and channel construction. Country star power ultra raise brand and channel construction project of capital investment projects steadily, and has held Dealer Conference in Henan, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Hubei and other places, and actively expand the lighting distribution channels. Up to now, the country star power market in the country has more than 10 operations centers, a Direct offices, more than 1,000 outlets.

In the "2014 Interim Report" Foshan Lighting, we can see the face of the current industry environment, Foshan Lighting with "Seizing an opportunity, and promote development, weight management, increase efficiency," as the guiding ideology, the solid depth work to strengthen the budget management and implementation of the management plan, continue to increase efforts to develop domestic and international markets, making Foshan Lighting's main business to maintain steady growth.

Rectangular lighting pointed out that in 2014, rectangular lighting plans to invest more resources in fulfilling other aspects of the construction branch, expand marketing channels, brand promotion and marketing team. "2014 Semi-Annual Report" rectangular lighting noted, rectangular lighting will enhance the market research, the implementation of a strong marketing plan. Meanwhile, the channel will further optimize building and brand building, to further expand the rectangular lighting market share, increase the visibility of rectangular lighting.

Perception of carefully chosen keywords

In the LED era, it alone is over, LED lighting industry too fast, to be on the professionalism, innovation and speed, strength of individual companies may not have good results achieved complementary resources. For the current pattern of LED lighting industry, whether it is for internal BaoTuan breakout, strengthening a dominant position, ahead of rival considerations, or external establish the status of China's LED lighting industry, to create a national brand, resist foreign "aggression" needs, business and integration and cooperation between enterprises has become an irreversible trend in the market this year is particularly prominent.

However, mergers and acquisitions and easy integration difficult. Inevitably there are differences in the management aspects of bilateral cooperation, culture and values. Although the obvious benefits of the acquisition, but to move forward with ease and solve prone to instability after the merger, must be gradual, otherwise difficult to achieve the desired effect, so be careful acquisitions.

Keywords perception of soothing treat

Executives who have run away, it seems that is also confirmed the domestic lighting industry is undergoing a large flow of talent "shuffle" campaign. In fact, whether it is a listed company executives to resign or leave the professional managers of listed companies, this is a normal business personnel changes, but Li Xuliang, who resigned, Wu Zhe billion light parted ways with the Board dismissed Wu Changjiang, etc., or in the industry led to the extensive hot. Executives leave, pains inevitable, how can the executive office of the negative impact to a minimum? How relaxed attitude to face change? This is undoubtedly the most business owners who need to concern.

In addition, the current from the "outgoing executives," we can interpret more information about business development and market trends, such as the ground and Everlight, or due to the capital, or because of market operation, all are all necessary corporate and brand development in order.

However, the change in a way that some executives have hurt the business and brand. In recent years, high-level conflicts NVC news constantly, "update", which reflects not only its own course of development of NVC, also reflects the trend of development of the industry. Faced with the previous two "waves", Wu Changjiang because dealers and allies behind and return, and the third time the result is not yet conclusive, everything remains to be seen.

Keywords perception of inflection has been significantly

Currently, the product of structural excess capacity in the lighting industry, market competition, product prices continued to fall, accelerating the integration of enterprise-out, the industry has become increasingly prominent inflection point.

Channel resources to compete, companies can be described as "Eight Immortals, recount," especially when competing for control of the resources of the terminal market dealer, was willing to use the advantages of the brand, capital and contacts in all aspects of launching dealers battle , dealers also became a sought-after LED lighting industry, "meat and potatoes." "Can money" is the dealers who are most concerned about the issue, but also the companies must sort out the problem. Enterprises should focus on working for dealers guide, help, communication, control carried out in four areas, we must consider how to pull up from the terminal to guide dealers operating products to help dealers to establish distribution channels to ensure smooth communication, control dealers operating behavior etc., hand in hand, to achieve win-win situation.

Perception of the keywords more choices

Mobile Internet will bring change electricity supplier by leaps and bounds, its value is to make Internet services everywhere. Internet users contact time increases exponentially as lighting manufacturers, need to pay close attention to the development of mobile terminals. Compared with the traditional channels, electricity supplier channel has two advantages: First, without geographical restrictions, wide audience; followed by intermediate circulation shortened, low initial construction costs, profit margins, return time is short, flat management easier.

Traditional enterprises have mature channels, but the face of menacing electricity supplier may not be able to keep calm. Electricity suppliers as an important supplement channels, the potential should not be underestimated, such as electricity providers have begun to actively layout channels NVC, Philips, snow Wright and so on. Traditional channels of cooperation and electricity supplier best way is to take the form of online and offline marketing services, as is the traditional channels and experience the electricity supplier logistics center, and electricity suppliers as traditional channels of trade and the promotion of the window, by distinguishing broken down by product market, this is the trend in LED channel development where electricity supplier.

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